We Make Shopping Easy.

Shopping info at the tip of your hands

Create multiple retailer or generic shopping lists.

Color coded to indicate if List has priority items.

Sort your lists by distance and plan your shopping in advance to save time.

Quickly see how much of your shopping has been completed

See when a store is open or closed.

Store timings for 1000's of retailers built-in.

Creating Lists is super easy, just enter the retailer name and optionally pick the location of the retailer and also get store timings, address and their phone numbers.

Store timings for 1000's of worldwide retailers built in. If your store timings is not listed,  you can manually input the data with our quick edit screens.

Get driving directions and call your retailer with just one click

Setup Intelligent proximity alerts to alert you in case you are nearby a retailer on your way to work or home.

Pick a Location and a proximity distance. For example if you pick 500m and you happen to drive by the retailer and are within the 500m range then you will receive a notification alert on your phone.

Get Alerted when nearby a retailer.

Smart Lists Made Around You.

Flexible, powerful and easy on the eye

Add items to lists easily and swipe to go between lists.

Visualize yours lists in many different ways. Sort by name, retailer aisles, checked and many more

Color coded prices to quickly see if the item on this list is cheaper or more expensive compared to other retailers.

Never get the wrong item again, attach real item photos.

Search for an image or attach your own image stored on your phone/SD card or capture a new image from the camera.

Easy and intuitive search to quickly lookup and add items to lists. Pick from 1000's of built in everyday items. Voice search built-in.

Search and quickly edit item options without ever leaving the search screen.

Price comparison between Shopping lists / Retailers.

Compare prices between lists/retailers based on unit price.




Price is clearly color coded on the lists to quickly help you understand if the item is cheaper or expensive compared to other retailers.

Worth Checking Out.

Remembers your last checkout and history

Checkout from a shopping list like how you checkout at a store. Attach real receipt photo and bar-code and save it within the app for looking up later.

Your previous shopping history including checkout receipt and barcode is saved and is always available from the history view.


Track price history as you shop with color coded prices to quickly check if you paid more or less for an item compared to your previous purchases.

Know exactly what to pay at the checkout kiosk, no more surprises.


Scan receipt barcode or take a picture of the receipt for easy lookup later. Great for situations where you want to return an item back to the store.

Less Cards More Control.

Store your Gift cards, Loyalty cards and Coupons

Easily scan your loyalty card, coupon or gift card. Also get alerted before your card/coupon expires.

Keep track of expiry dates on your coupon or gift cards and get alerted before they expire.

Option to capture front/back photos of your cards for easy lookup later.

Arrange the position of your cards the way you want it by drag/drop or choose other sort options including sort by expiry date.

Pick from 1000's of built-in items from 24 categories to quickly create your lists.

Create lists from common items or create your own custom database

Track Your Inventory Or Stock.

Setup expiry alerts and automatic addition to lists after expiry

Track and manage your inventory or item stock in 12 different locations/groups within your house. Option to create even more.

Setup Item expiry and receive notification alerts before it expires. Option to auto add to a shopping list after expiry.

Different modes to visualize your data - Sort by Expiry, Sort by Stock etc.

Setup Weekly shopping items which get added automatically to your selected shopping list. For example, if you purchase milk on a weekly basis, setup a repetition of 1 week and the app will take care of adding the item to your list automatically week after week.

Quickly get information about what items are expired or are out of stock.

Keep track of items in your pantry, fridge, garage, first aid box or your custom location and get notified of their expiry.

Know What Recipes Can Be Prepared Today.

Keep track of recipe ingredients and create lists from recipe view

Catalog all your favorite recipes and easily manage their ingredients all from the recipe section.

See what recipes can be prepared based on the stock in the inventory

Sort by Stock, preparation time, serving size to better visualize and plan.

Add to list directly from Recipe view.

Keep track of the Ingredients and their quantities required for preparing the recipe.

Keep track of the recipe ingredients and their quantities. Add to shopping lists directly from the recipe view.

Get a peek at the total stock quantity in hand.

Sync/Share Shopping Lists To Coordinate Shopping.

Simple sign-up to automatically sync and backup your lists

Simple one step sign up process to help you and your significant other to sync and share lists effortlessly and automatically.

Automatic Sync and continuous backup so that you don't lose your precious data.

Sync and share not only your shopping lists, but everything else in between like coupons, loyalty cards, item photos, location alerts, item expiry reminders etc.

Scan Product Barcode.

Lookup retailer prices and to Add/Check Off Items from List

Simply scan a product barcode and quickly get product information.

Add scanned item to local database and use it later.

See local retailer prices to compare and shop (US only for now).

Quickly add/checkoff items to/from shopping list just by scanning product barcode. Example, checkoff items by scanning barcode easily at the store instead of manually looking up and checking off the item.

Increase/decrease pantry stock just by scanning product barcode.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive Product, Coupon & Gift Card expiry alerts


All Your Alerts At One Place.

Keep track of Product expiry alerts, Coupon and gift card expiry alerts all from one unified view.